Uploading and configuring 3D models

The ordering process on the PROTIQ Marketplace is very simple: Upload your 3D model and configure it according to your personal requirements. You determine the dimensions, material and finishing for your customized component in the practical, PROTIQ Marketplace online configurator. An automatic data check of your 3D model is performed as soon as the file upload is complete. Minor errors, such as inverted normal vectors or unwanted holes in the surface of the model, will be repaired automatically. During configuration, a 3D model is already generated so that you can view your object from all sides.

Select a provider and arrange convenient delivery

Once you are done configuring your 3D model, the various 3D printing providers are displayed along with a direct price calculation. Especially practical for companies: You have the option of saving more than one shopping cart as projects on the PROTIQ Marketplace. This allows you to keep track of multi-part assemblies. In addition, you can give differentiated user rights to several people and in this way, determine who is allowed to create projects or place orders.

As soon as you have completed the ordering process, an order summary is transferred to the appropriate 3D printing service provider. This provider takes on the task of further business processing and starts the production of your 3D object as quickly as possible. Make your payment conveniently and securely, for example online using PayPal, with a credit card or on account. In addition, if you have your model produced directly by PROTIQ, there are attractive global shipping options around the globe.