Utilizing the advantages of e-commerce

The PROTIQ Marketplace provides its partners with the entire infrastructure needed for all e-commerce functions, and ensures the stable and secure operation of that infrastructure. Comprehensive live statistics provide detailed insight into Marketplace activities. 3D printing service providers can view all order processes and create their own merchant profile in the admin area. Once a customer has finished configuring their 3D object, the prices of the Marketplace partners are automatically calculated and listed. The respective 3D printing provider prices their individual services. Once an order is received, an order summary is created that can be viewed by partners online or forwarded. All business transactions are coordinated efficiently and independently. 3D printing service providers on the Marketplace are connected with the platform via defined and documented interfaces (APIs) and are given access to a complete overview of all processes and all relevant data for further processing in their own in-house systems. The PROTIQ Marketplace offers a variety of payment options that can also be used by partners. These include purchase on account, prepayment, credit card and PayPal, for example. Other payment options are added depending on the conditions of the specific country and secured via established payment providers. The provider that produces the item ordered ships the item. Additional services pertaining to logistics can be arranged upon agreement with PROTIQ.

Increasing visibility with online marketing

3D printing service providers profit from keyword-optimized content on the websites of the PROTIQ Marketplace. Results in the hit lists of organic search engines are improved with comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measures. All partners have the opportunity to describe their company as well as their range of services on their own landing page. Potential customers are addressed in a targeted manner with online ad serving, for example using Google AdWords. Marketplace partners are automatically included in the latest AdWords campaigns. A regular analysis will show how the visibility of the marketplace is developing in the search engines. PROTIQ Marketplace introduces its new partners at regular intervals in a newsletter, which reaches many companies in the industrial environment. As part of this network of experts, 3D printing service providers will gain new customers from high-growth industries.