Advantages for 3D printing service providers

The PROTIQ Marketplace offers a professional e-commerce system with comprehensive functions that are specifically tailored to the needs of 3D printing service providers in the industrial environment.

Advantages for companies

Comprehensive range of services, versatile materials, industry-friendly service; with the PROTIQ Marketplace, you can find the right 3D printing provider for every requirement quickly and easily.

PROTIQ – Marketplace founder

Manufacturing top-quality 3D objects and at the same time, providing the best possible service – that is our motto at PROTIQ. The company has been responsible for industrial 3D printing for the Phoenix Contact Group since 2010. Based on years of experience with industrial customers, PROTIQ Marketplace arose from the desire to always be able to offer the best solution for each customer request.

3D printing

3D printing refers to all of those additive production processes in which three-dimensional objects are created in layers from a previously formless starting material. The most well-known methods include stereolithography, selective laser sintering and laser melting, and PolyJet / MultiJet modeling.